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Chuck DeJarnett

After spending the past eleven years in a quest to develop a comprehensive wifi network distribution, management and billing system, we have compiled the best of the best of what we have learned into a full suite of applications to handle this task.

We have put all of the pieces of the puzzle together for you in a nice, neat package. This system will give you the power and control over your wireless network that is required to properly run a wireless ISP business.

This system has been and continues to be developed by a group of fellow enthusiast, such as yourself, and we invite you to join us in our user discussion form as you build your wifi business.

Read This Article By Chuck DeJarnett

What is Chilliwave and why should I choose this as a solution to run my wifi business?

  • When doing your research on the various options for systems to build and manage your commercial wifi network, you probably have some of the same questions we had when we started out in this business.

    What is Chilliwave?

    How does it work?

    How much does it cost?

    Are others having success with this and does it continue to be supported and developed?

    Can I read the instructions and see a demo of how the system works?

    What do I need to buy to properly build a commercial wifi network and billing system?

    How do I get started?

    After reading the answers to those questions, you will have a clear vision of the path to success in the commercial wireless industry.

Read What Others Have To Say

Chuck - you are THE MAN.... I struggled for ages to get a hotspot solution up for my small town - owing to high prices DSL is not an option. Your software made it a snap. I installed the operating system onto my PC , followed the steps in your quickstart guide and BOOM! , I had a hotspot up and running in no time. People - don't bother looking elsewhere. I have scoured the internet and know EVERY detail about EVERY hotspot solution out there - and no solution even comes close. Chuck DeJarnett is a Wifi GOD. And a genuinely good dude, too. Check you guys on the support forum...

Lloyd Lopes RetroNet CC

Yeah, the great thing about Chuck is that he not only sees the $'s in his account, but he sees the $'s in a person too. Even if you don't have the capital to invest right away (and some people truly are in that position), he can still see the potential in people and values them just as much.

Basically, he deals in people and thoughts, as much as he deals in money.


Chuck for President :-)

Hello to everyone here,

we┬┤ve been quite busy the last few months doing some research and evaluation work on a hotspot solution which meets our requirements to be useable for a wifi project here in Germany.

We tried almost every of the above mentioned solutions and meanwhile spend loads of money and even more time just to figure out that none of those solutions fitted our needs...

With the knowledge we collected meanwhile, we more or less already decided to setup an open source based solution ourself.
For that reason I followed the chillispot/phpmyprepaid thread at the ddwrt forum for quite a while. And now the solution seems to be there: Debian Enchilada

Now Chuck has progressed by light years with his latest release of Chilliwave. Finally, we have what we need for our business.

Keep on with the good work,


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