How To Build A Wireless Network Management & Billing System

Properly Arranging The Puzzle Pieces

We Have Developed A Line Of Powerful And Cost Effective Gateway Devices To Manage The Wireless Network

MogulWi wireless networks are the most reliable, adaptable, and easy to deploy networks in the industry. By using a gateway router to handle the captive portal processing, there become infinite possiblities for what types of networks you can place behind it. This allows you to utilize any type of radio device for your wireless network, allows the use of any type of network management software, such as Ubiquit Air Control and Unify Dashboards, and future proofs the business model as newer and better radio technologies continually emerge. Simply plug one of our gateway routers into your internet and plug your wireless network into the gateway router and you are up and running. Just like that. Works on all size networks, from the smallest cafe to the largest stadiums.

Forget Ad-Hoc Mesh Networking. It Is Failed Technology!

Adhoc mesh networking is inadequate for commercial wireless networks, because the load of the captive portal processing and the adhoc mesh backhaul on the radio devices severely degrades their peformance, by as much as 60% loss in range and bandwidth. Click Here To Learn More...

MogulWi has separated the network routing, captive portal, and billing functions from the radio devices and created a "gateway" device to handle the routing workload and all communications with MogulWi Cloud Management Servers. This creates infinite possibilities for what types of wired and wireless networks can be remotely managed with the MogulWi system.

MogulWi Gateway Devices Allow You To Recover Obsolete Inventory In The Field And Put It Back To Work!

Build virutally any radio network using any radio hardware you prefer and pipe it through a MogulWi Gateway Device. Recover and utilize existing radio inventory in the field. MogulWi allows you to pipe your exisiting networks through our gateway devices and instantly convert the entire network to MogulWi Network Management and Billing System.