MogulWi LLC Launches New Wireless Network Management System

25 June 2012

MogulWi LLC is proud to announce the release of our latest wireless network management and billing system. This system is the culmination of years of research, development, and experience in the wireless networking industry. Our updated system blows the top off of all other competitors in terms or flexibility, reliability, pricing structure, networking options, and overall features. Our experience with ad-hoc mesh networks has found them to be inadequate for commericial wireless networks. We have developed a system that takes the captive portal out of the radio devices and puts it in one central gateway router, which changes the whole landscape and allows the use of any and all types radio equipment along with managing wired LAN's. Firmwares required for mesh networking cannot keep up with rapid advancements in radio technology. With our strategy of using gateway routers to handle the network management and processing, you can use any type of radio and any type of network control software, such as Ubiquit Air Control and Unify Dashboards.

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