Why Adhoc-Mesh Is Dead

  • Limited Power Output
  • Restricted Bandwidth
  • Limited Hardware Selection
  • Not Future Proof

It's time to get the wireless industry back on track.

We have been developing wireless network distribution and management systems for the past 11 years, and in the process, we have thoroughly developed and tested all available methods of deploying wifi radio networks. Our primary goal is to find what works best and develop it for our needs and integrate it into the overall wireless distribution system. While Adhoc-Mesh based systems seem attractive because of their supposed ease of deployment, they end up to be completely inadequate for use in commercial wifi networks for the following reasons.

  • Extremely Low Power Output And Limited Range
  • Restricted Backhaul Bandwidth Is Inadequate For Today's Clients Needs
  • Only Works On A Very Limited Set Of Hardware
  • Extremely Limited Support For Wireless N
  • Firmware Cannot Keep Up With Advancements In Radio Technology
  • Does Not Support Roaming Without Repeatedly Logging In
  • CPU Hardware Is Not Powerful Enough To Process Captive Portal Loads

There comes a time when you have to completely abandon failed technolgies. Back up and take a fresh look at the landscape. It is clear that the performance of adhoc-mesh networks are not suitable for the ever increasing demands of today's clients, and it will only get worse at an exponential rate in the very near future.